Tennis Junior U14 Singles Knockout 2nd Quarter Tennis Junior U14 Knockout 2nd Quarter 2023


A  knockout event for under 14 based in Singapore
Open for Registration NOW
Matchday Venue:  your own private court or mutually agreed court

Closing Date for Registration

7 June 2023 or earlier if maximum participants filled

Tournament Administrator

Learn and Play Sports (

Registration  Fees 

1. Registration Fee : $5.  Fee is to be paid via Paynow before Registration Closing date to “Learn and Play Sports” via company UEN number : 53191656A. Whatsapp your payment details to  Please indicate your child’s name & program for reference. Registraton fee is for the sole purpose of running tournament and administering scores and holding players tournament records
2. There will be no refund for premature tournament withdrawal. However if tournament does not meet the minimum number of participants, full registration fee collected will be refunded

Tournament Format / Prizes

1. Knockout / Elimination format. Winner of round will proceed to meet the next round while loser will be eliminated and no longer partake in the tournament
2. Minimum Partiicipants for tournament to take place : 16  (of 4 rounds)
   - round of 16
   - quarter finals
   - semi- finals
   - final
3. Prizes : Bragging Rights only and name recognition.  However if a TITLE sponsor is willing to come in, participants will be made know (Sponsor: Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
4. Balls and Venues are are to be arranged between competing parties on their own.

Terms of Participation

1. “Learn and Play Sports” reserves the rights to the following actions: the allocation of a tournament participant to draw slot
2. “Learn and Play Sports” reserves the right to publish your score results on our website
4. “Learn and Play Sports” reserves the right to publish your name as in the registration form for marketing and promotional activities in the future.
5. “Learn and Play Sports” reserves the right to final decision on ALL tournament disputes and resolutions.


We are also looking for TITLE Sponsor for this tournament to donate Monetary Prizes and Medals.
Please send a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "  your company name   " Tennis Junior U14 Singles Knockout

Maximum 32participants
winner of round to proceed to next round

1. Players registered must be 14 and under before 31 Dec 2023
2. Venue/Date to be agreed by Mutual parties
3. Format to be agreed before start of match. 
4. Player should self register with parental consent
5. Players will play according to system generated matches
6. Playes to arrange with each other the venue for match.
7. If your opponent did not show up for match, match will be forfeited and default winner will proceed to next round
8. Rained off sessions will have to be rescheduled
9. Partially rained-off sessions will have to be continued on a another day

- Condo courts or public courts of minimum 2 hour duration booking

Suggested Match format /s

1. Best of 3 sets (normal)

- A $5 registration fee is required before your player account is joined to tournament
- Fee is made payable via paynow to "Learn and Play Sports" - UEN number : 53191656A 
- Whatsapp your payment details to
- A invoice and receipt will be sent via email to sender
- Fees will be refunded if minimum numbers are not met.

At the venue
- both players to cross verify each other's particulars and sign this document
- both players to take a picture across the net. This pic will be submitted and uploaded via the winner account to match portal
- at the end of the match both players to sign the same document above next to the score entered
- winner to take pic and email above document to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for score entry and tabulation purpose